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// Kinesiology

Funny how life happens whilst we're making other plans. Shift into living life, rather than merely surviving it. With Kinesiology we have the tools to assist you to do life better.


// Allopathic vs Alternative

I have always wondered why there has to be a war between these two categories. Individuals often are called upon to pick which side of the fence they are on and then get shunned by the opposing party. This is wrong on so many levels.

// Dis-ease, Recuperation

Dis-ease is the universe telling us that our bodies are out of balance and that we have certain defence systems in place that are not serving us well. In kinesiology, we tend to talk about dis-ease rather than disease, aligning with the concept that certain systems of out of balance.


// Managing Stress

Kinesiology has great tools for keeping our mental, emotional, physical/chemical and spiritual aspects of life in balance, thereby assisting us to deal with stress very affectively.


// Brain Profiles

This modality of Kinesiology is extra-ordinary. I have assisted countless CEO's, children and individuals in referening their brain profiles to become more productive in their study or working fields.

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